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Called to Serve

On the night of 9th May 2018, Lucy Kiplamai, a clinical officer at Geothermal Development Company (GDC) received a distressed call from a friend, informing her that tragedy struck Solai residents in Bahati area, Nakuru County.

She immediately engaged the Central Rift Regional Manager on the matter. Hurriedly, Lucy and the rest of the Emergency Management Team members Dorcas Wankuru and Robert Seno left Menengai Geothermal Development camp and drove to the location, only to realize that they were the first respondents. There, they embarked on a rescue mission for three (3) days without rest.

The exact location was a privately owned dam, located near Solai town. On that fateful night, the dam burst its banks amidst heavy rains. Over forty people lost their lives and many homes were destroyed.

“When serving humanity and saving lives, do it well and expect no reward. Life is a reward and God places you at a particular place for a reason” Lucy said.

Lucy added that Solai dam is located close to the GDC Menengai Geothermal project. “Hence the residents living in Solai are GDC neighbours and stakeholders. GDC values its stakeholders. We therefore had to support them at their hour of need”.

The team encourages the GDC family to serve customers and stakeholders selflessly.

GDC celebrates Lucy, Dorcas, and Robert for their dedication and service to GDC and the nation. They are GDC Mashujaa (Kiswahili word for heroes).

Central Rift Regional Manager Mr. Paul Ngugi (far right) with the GDC Medical and Security Team in Nakuru. With them is Ag. Manager Human Resource Services Mr. Moses Khaemba (far left)

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