#GDCTeam Queen Tororei

Office location:  GDC Headquarter Office, Kawi House, Nairobi

How long have you worked at GDC?  5 years

What do you do at GDC?  I am a Receptionist at the GDC Kawi House office in Nairobi

What does your typical workday in GDC look like?  

I attend to customers’ inquiries and provide information to internal customers. I also guide visitors to the different departments/offices within the organization which they seek to visit.  Additionally, I manage the switchboard – answering, forwarding calls, and providing information sought by our customers.

How does your role tie to the GDC vision of providing green energy for Kenya?  Being the first person customers meet at GDC, I set the customer experience bar. My level of service is the basis upon which our customers base their perception about GDC.

What do you like most about your job? 

Attending to all who come to GDC offices at Kawi House. It gives me great satisfaction when a customer is happy with how I have attended to them.

One word to summarize your experience at GDC.  Team oriented

What is the future of Geothermal energy?   It has a bright future and has a huge potential to provide cheaper green energy to the citizens of Kenya

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