GDC Team

#GDCTeam Janet Okoth

Area of expertise

I’m a Graduate Engineer in the Geothermal Resource Management Department.

I carry out daily monitoring of discharging wells, computation of discharge data to ascertain output, and perform completion tests once drilling is complete

My contribution to the achievement of GDC mandate

Being able to determine the potential and output of each well in the geothermal field informs on the estimate power that can be supplied to the power plants and into the national grid

Addressing the STEM gap

There’s a notion that science and technical courses are for men since they are viewed as tough. It’s a wrong perception. Women and girls are capable of pursuing all careers including Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related careers. Additionally, the importance of cultivating a culture of discipline and values, as well as seizing opportunities, cannot be overstated

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