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#GDCTeam May Mumba

Area of expertise

I am a Geochemistry Technician.

My area of expertise includes surface exploration, collecting samples in the field and when a well is discharged, doing Geo-hazard monitoring through analyzing the samples in the laboratory.

My contribution to the achievement of the GDC mandate

I provide timely data concerning the chemistry of the wells and of the intended field of exploration which is used to write a scientific report that helps in interpreting the data. I am also part of the team that sites wells and takes preventive and corrective measures for any circumstances that affect the productivity of the well. This is part of the journey towards the achievement of our mandate of providing steam for electricity generation and promoting alternative uses of geothermal resources.

Addressing the STEM gap

Girls need mentorship as this helps them to understand that Science is not about gender and that there is nothing hard about science. Women in Science are models in the field and they are a testimony that Science is a subject like any other. They, therefore, need to believe in themselves.

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