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Teamwork, commitment, and focus at play as drilling of Korosi Well Two begins

The Geothermal Development Company’s (GDC) Infrastructure and Logistics team, based in the North Rift region, burned the midnight oil to ensure that drilling operations of Korosi well 02 (KW02) commenced successfully without hitches.

GDC Driller Said Abdulrahim Abdulrahman operating the rig in a drilling console, at a past spudding exercise. Looking on are, Manager, Drilling Mr. Johnston Maleche  (Far Right) and Senior Engineer Stephen Nato (Far Left).

The team led by Eng. Michael Mululu put in extra hours to ensure that all the requirements for commencement of drilling of Korosi Well two (KW-02) were met. These included ensuring that provision of water and access roads were done within the stipulated timeframe.

“The team successfully prepared the drill pad, mobilized the rig and connected the water supply pipeline to Korosi Well Two (KW-02),” noted Eng. Mululu. “We are also keen on ensuring that we maintain a constant supply of water to Korosi tanks by pumping and maintaining the waterline until we complete the drilling of this well,” he continued, adding that the maintenance crew is on standby to address any repairs needed during the pumping operations.

The Infrastructure and Logistics team, who are part of the field crew in Korosi, has two teams to ensure a continuous flow of water to the rig. The first team is the shift crew that operates and maintains the pumping equipment and is involved in the 24-hour operation of water pumps and generators at the pump stations in the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project. The second team is the waterline maintenance crew, whose main duty is to undertake maintenance and repair activities of the water supply pipelines.

Drilling is a 24-hour operation that requires a constant flow of water. It is therefore crucial that the team maintains a clear and operational waterline so as not to interfere with the drilling of the well,” stated Eng. Mululu.

Maintaining water flow takes focus and hard work. The team has worked selflessly and has braved harsh cold and sometimes extremely hot temperatures as they seek to ensure that GDC achieves its goal of successfully drilling in Korosi.

Nonetheless, the team views the challenges as an excellent opportunity for growth spurring on their resolve and their commitment to achieving the set goals.

“It has been an interesting experience e on both ends of the spectrum. With the environmental and operational challenges, this has been a learning curve for our whole team. We have invented new ways to address operational challenges and this far, we have adapted to the environmental challenges such as the heat,” remarked Eng. Mululu.

He added: “We believe KW02 will be very productive and we strive to provide the Drilling Operations team with the necessary support they need. Their success is our success, and in the spirit of “One Team”, the eventual addition of KW02 to GDC’s portfolio of wells will be significant to the organization.”

The Infrastructure and Logistics team is also responsible for maintaining the community water supply system that GDC installed to help the community access clean water as part of the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

A night view  of Kifaru 2 rig in action at the Korosi geothermal field. The Drilling crew is working day and night

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  1. Good work done…wanted to work with you people much..the company always motivates me…it driven my mind to the extent i choose related course that suits your company @Petroleum Geo-Science@

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