GDC North Rift Team Saved Lives

On 3rd June 2020, several GDC staff who are based in North Rift witnessed a grisly road accident at Chepilat, Loruk, Baringo County. The accident involved a public service vehicle that crashed and rolled several times while on its way to a destination within the same county.

The team quickly rushed to the scene and began rescuing the accident victims from the car wreckage and also provided first aid before transporting the wounded to the Marigat Sub County Hospital, a facility which is approximately thirty-one (31) kilometres away from the Loruk, where the accident occurred.

The life of an accident victim can be saved by administering timely medical aid. The first hour after the trauma is called the ‘golden hour’. Instant and proper first aid given to road accident victims during this hour increases their chance of survival and reduces the severity of injuries.

The GDC team saved lives by rushing to provide first aid to the victims in the ‘golden hour’. Many deaths and impact of injuries can be prevented with first aid if causalities are treated immediately.

The GDC Heroes consisted of Yusuf Losute, Conrad Barasa, Lionel Akaranga, Lawrence Macharipus, Peter Kamau, Stephen Mwakazi, and Oscar Ole Kirgotty. Today, we celebrate their selfless acts. Salute!

1. Yusuf Losute
2. Conrad Barasa
3. Lionel Akaranga
4. Peter Kamau
5. Lawrence Macharipus
5. Stephen Mwakazi
7. Oscar Ole Kirgotty

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