Driving to provide green energy for Kenya

In the early years, Geothermal Development Company (GDC) carried out geothermal exploration in various fields which included Menengai in Nakuru County and Baringo-Silali geothermal fields in the North Rift part of Kenya.

Photo from a past reconnaissance visit

As the exploration began, GDC drivers were on call as their service was not only vital but essential. Driving through difficult unfamiliar terrain is demanding on drivers. Unlike driving on smooth tarmacked roads, a driver needs many hours behind the wheel to become adept on rough roads.

It took resilience, dedication and determination for the drivers to drive for endless hours on dry, rugged, tough, topography which they transversed day in and day out in hot temperatures. At times, the roads were impassable due to occasional heavy rains and floods submerged the only available access road to the sites. The high temperatures coupled with the physical exertion resulted in intense exhaustion. But our drivers maneuvered the unchartered terrain to ensure that GDC technical experts carried out the essential exploratory studies.

“Driving across the bushes and rocky terrains was a challenge. But we remained strong and we played our roles dutifully”, recalled Paul Odero, one of the drivers who was part of the exploration team.

In retrospect, witnessing GDC achievements today is worth the experience which they went through as GDC began the journey to provide green energy for Kenya. We celebrate the drivers for their working selflessly and effortlessly. They are GDC Heroes.

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