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Coil Tubing ongoing at the Menengai Geothermal Project

Geothermal Development Company’s (GDC) Drilling Operations team has embarked on the operationalization of the coil tubing units in the Menengai Geothermal Development Project. The team led by Eng. Michael Mungai Kamau is using the coil tubing units to carry out intervention services on completed geothermal wells.

GDC drilling operations experts at the coil tubing unit

A coiled tubing is a continuous long pipe that is channeled inside a well in order to perform different intervention tasks such as cementing, well stimulation (airlifting and nitrogen lifting), acid cleaning, logging, well control and directional drilling.

“GDC has three (3) coil tubing units. We are in the process of using one of the units at Menengai Well eight (MW-08) to airlift the well.”, stated Eng. Kamau.

Coiled tubing methods offer several economic, environmental, and safety benefits. Specifically, the use of coiled tubing reduces job time because coiled tubing is faster to rig up/down at the well site.

He further added that there is a limited application of coil tubing services in the geothermal field globally, but the trend is changing. GDC is looking to leverage on the equipment to help discharge wells that would otherwise not discharge on their own.

Coil tubing assembly team

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