GDC Team

#GDCTeam Liz Merryl Aduda

Designation and years worked at GDC

Legal Assistant, Legal Services. Will complete my first 10 years of service on 29th March 2021.

Role in GDC

My Admin services to the company ensure that there is timely storage and retrieval of information, efficient contract management, quality customer relations and stakeholder management, which in turn contributes towards the development of geothermal resources.  

Career highlight

I have two career highlights. The first one is working under the Regional Manager’s Office in Nakuru for four (4) years. I gained skills and expertise in leadership and stakeholder management. Working closely with GDC management also enabled me to be more efficient in my work and offer better representation of the company.

My second highlight is working for the Legal Department, at Kawi House where I am currently based. It has boosted my determination of being an Advocate of the High Court of Kenya This job, is o my motivation to rise up every morning and to remain focused in achieving my dreams. 

Share any moment that a woman empowerment inspired you

Oprah Winfrey inspires me day in day out. She went through numerous challenges to achieve her dreams. She is an inspiration to women who feel that they she cannot overcome racial/gender discrimination, gender violence, or poverty.

My observations about progress made regarding the empowerment of women globally

One milestone is the 2/3 gender rule in our constitution, which stipulates that the State shall take steps to ensure that not more than two-thirds of members of all elective and appointive positions are not of the same gender. The result is an increase in women representation in parliament.

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

It is a day set aside to acknowledge women for their contribution for making the world a better place. Women play a vital role in the society first as mothers, mentors, entrepreneurs and even as leaders. It is a day to celebrate women for their hard work and achievements.

What is your message as we celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day?

My fellow women and young girls, surround yourselves with people who empower you and strive to remain positive in life. Love yourselves and celebrate your achievements. Be focused and keep your faith as you face life’s challenges.  We all must empower girls and women by acknowledging their efforts and giving them more opportunities in society.

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