GDC Team

#GDCTeam Irene Cheptum

Area of expertise

I am a Meteorologist with a special interest in air quality, which is vital in understanding meteorological parameters.

My role is to avail meteorological data such as total rainfall, air temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, wind speed, and direction, among others.

My contribution to the achievement of GDC mandate

The meteorological data which I avail is crucial in air quality forecasting in order to monitor the dispersion of emissions, as well as in the designing and siting of geothermal power plants and Direct Use projects. The data also ensures that geothermal resources are developed in line with the approved air quality guidelines and regulations.

Addressing the STEM gap

Science is an essential element that allows us to understand various phenomena, make scientific discoveries, and develop new technologies. Women and girls equipped with scientific knowledge have every capability to thrive in science fields like geothermal.

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