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#GDCTeam Valentine Jebet

What’s your designation? Corporate Communications Officer

Where is your office located? Kawi House, Nairobi 

How long have you worked at GDC? 6 years 5 months 

What do you do at GDC? I am involved in events management and customer management   

What does your typical work day in GDC look like? A typical day involves managing the company email, attending to phone calls from internal and external stakeholders, dealing with customer complaints channeled through  various communication platforms and developing reports for submission to theCommission on Administrative Justice (CAJ). I’m also involved in the planning and execution of corporate events.

How does your role tie to the GDC vision of providing green energy for Kenya? The benefits of green energy are numerous. My role is to support GDC to achieve its strategic goals by communicating effectively through various platforms which include events.  

What do you like most about your job? I am passionate about interacting with people both internally and externally. It gives me a chance to engage stakeholders and to solve stakeholder related issues. I like the fact that I make a difference in the lives of stakeholders through my work.  

One word to summarize your experience at GDC? Interesting  

What is the future of Geothermal energy? Ordinarily, the process of developing geothermal energy is long and capital intensive. Nonetheless, Kenya’s technical capacity to develop geothermal energy is growing day by day and this heralds a bright future for Kenya. 

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