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#GDCTeam David Manyara

Office location: Polo Centre 

How long have you worked at GDC? 10 years 7 months 

What do you do at GDC? As an Environmental Scientist, I coordinate afforestation, conservation and restoration/rehabilitation activities of our Project sites 

What does your typical work day in GDC look like? 

I monitor locations that may require environmental rehabilitation in our Project areas. I also manage the Menengai tree nursery activities which include managing tree seedlings which GDC donates to neighboring communities as well as mapping and coordinating tree planting in our areas of operation as part of our rehabilitation efforts 

How does your role tie to the GDC vision of providing green energy for Kenya? 

I ensure  our Project areas follow best environmental conservation practices which include ensuring there is minimum vegetation clearance during project development 

What do you like most about your job? 

My work ensures that there is more tree cover in our environment hence safe guarding the Planet for future generations 

One word to summarize your experience at GDC 


What is the future of Geothermal Energy? 

The future of geothermal energy is very bright as the world is geared towards the utilization of green energy thereby protecting and conserving the environment for future generations 

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One thought on “#GDCTeam David Manyara
  1. Looking at the increase in natural disasters as a result of climate change, Geothermal energy should be our main priority or energy source alternative .

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