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#GDCTeam Ricky Gai

Did you always dream of becoming a Registered Critical Care Nurse (RCCN)?

Initially, I did not have any interest in the medical profession. However, after high school, I realized that I had an interest in health care after nursing my ailing father. After this, I made my application to Kenya Medical Training School to pursue a course in nursing. I later specialized in critical care and worked in a specialized critical care unit for 13 years at Kenyatta National Hospital and Forces Memorial Hospital, in Nairobi.

My Possessional Journey

I joined KNH in 2001 as a registered nurse (KRCHN) and was attached to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) for 3 years. I later specialized in Critical Care Nursing and was posted to the Critical Care Unit (CCU) where I worked for 10 years.

I was seconded to Forces Memorial Hospital, now Defense Forces Hospital, to help in the set-up of an ultramodern CCU for two years as a civilian temporary staff.

Later on, I developed an interest in occupational health and enrolled for an MSc in Occupational Health and Safety from JKUAT, in order to practice occupational health.

I joined GDC in March 2013.

What’s your day like as a health care professional at the Menengai Project site?

The Menengai Geothermal Project has a unique set up as we have a level 2 clinic within the project site. We operate on a 24-hour basis consisting of two 12-hour shifts. My tasks involve; attending to all medical cases from GDC staff, handling emergency cases from contractors, and referrals for further management in Nakuru town.

How has COVID – 19 affected your work in Menengai?

COVID-19 is a new global challenge. It has changed how we work at the Menengai. Nonetheless, GDC has provided handwashing facilities, sanitizers, and face masks, which has enabled us to continue with our work. The enforcement of social distancing as we work is one of our biggest challenges. Performing regular temperature scans is another challenge, as the timing has to be conducive for maximum coverage, sometimes we have to perform scans up to 8 pm. We are striving to adhere to the government guidelines as far as COVID-19 is concerned.

What measures have been put in place at Menengai to protect staff during this COVID-19 pandemic?

GDC has put in place several measures to prevent and protect all staffs at the project site such as;

  • · Temperature screening at all entry points
  • · Provision of handwashing facilities
  • · Provision of alcohol-based sanitizers
  • · Maintenance of social distance at the mess
  • · Provision of face masks
  • · Provision of disinfectants
  • · Regular staff updates on COVID-19
  • · 50% seat occupancy on company vehicles
  • · Release of staffs with underlying chronic conditions

How do these measures help keep the virus at bay?

The measures stated above have helped in limiting the spread of COVID-19 as we have not registered any positive case.

What message would you send to Kenyans as we continue to battle with COVID-19?

Let’s keep safe by following the Ministry of Health guidelines.

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