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My role in preventing the spread of COVID -19 at the workplace – focus on the reception area

What is your name and Designation?

Molly Awino. I work as a receptionist, based at the Nairobi office.

What steps are you taking to protect yourself and others from COVID-19 at work?

I wear a mask as I work, and I ensure that there is a bottle of sanitizer at the reception area for use by all visitors. I have also taken preventive measures beyond the work environment. I always carry a bottle of sanitizer in my handbag. I’ve also minimized movement and I stay indoors as much as possible as advised by the Ministry of Health while increasing my intake of vitamin C as a counter measure to boost my immunity.

What are the preventive measures you take to protect your work area from COVID-19?

The nature of my work has been affected in many ways owing to the challenge which has risen from the need to maintain social distance. Firstly, it has demanded that we embrace verbal greetings only. We cannot shake hands with our visitors.

Due to the fact that we receive packages and letters at the reception, we constantly sanitize our hands and use gloves to ensure our personal safety while handling packages.

We have erected a makeshift barrier at the reception area to ensure social distance when serving our visitors. The seating area at the reception is also widely spaced and labelled to provide the crucial distance between our visitors as they wait to be attended to.

Working hand in hand with the cleaning company, we ensure that there is frequent cleaning and sanitization of the reception area, especially at points with a lot of human contact such as the waiting area seats and the doors.

What message do you have to your colleagues regarding COVID-19?

COVID-19 prevention is our joint responsibility

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