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#GDCTeam Deflorah Jerobon Kangogo

Science Field – Geophysics 

What are Geophysics?

It is study of the earth using geophysical methods, which include gravity, magnetic, electrical and seismics methods. It involves spending most of your time outdoors studying various features of the earth and carrying out modeling and calculations using computer applications and programs/softwares. 

What is your advice to girls who want to study science at the university level?

The same advice I would give to a boy. Geoscience fields are rewarding and competitive and being female is not a hindrance. Before you select your preferred geoscience, study the job market carefully since not all genres are highly marketable. The Geosciences bachelor’s degrees may not be adequate in the job market; you need at least a Masters or PhD in the geoscience field. The geoscience field is however filled with fun and you can have an easy path through university but then you have to work hard for a living and that means solving problems and

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