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GDC successfully discharges the third well at the Paka Prospect

Geothermal Development Company successfully discharged Paka Well 3 (PW-03) on March 16 2021, following the completion of the heating monitoring period of the well. The well was drilled to a depth of 2,935 meters. PW-03 is part of the three (3) exploration wells in the Paka geothermal prospect, a prospect within the Baringo – Silali Geothermal Project. The successful discharge of PW-03 concludes the drilling and discharge testing of the three exploratory wells in the Paka geothermal prospect.

Pawa Well 3 (PW-03) during the discharge testing at the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project in March 2021

Speaking following the discharge of PW-03, Chief Scientist, Geothermal Resource Management (GRM) Ms. Janet Suwai, expressed her delight at the latest milestone stating that the Paka prospect had proven beyond doubt that it was going to be a productive geothermal field.

“We are excited by this latest discharge as it now affirms that this prospect is abundant with geothermal resource since all the three (3) exploratory wells drilled here have turned out to be productive. Though we are still in the early stages to conclusively ascertain the size of this well in terms of megawatts, we are confident that this PW-03 will be productive enough to give us a significant number of megawatts,” she said.

Ms. Suwai thanked the GRM team involved in the well logging, discharge gear assembly and monitoring of the PW-03, as they move to the next prospect of Korosi. The team is already conducting well logging and monitoring following the drilling completion of Korosi Well 1 (KW-01).

The Baringo – Silali Geothermal Project has three (3) prospects: Paka, Korosi, and Silali. The successful discharge of the well is a huge milestone for GDC in the vast block whose potential is estimated at 3,000 MW.

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