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Regional Managers Report to New Stations

The newly appointed Regional Managers for Central Rift and South Rift have taken up their new roles. The Managing Director & CEO, flanked by General Managers and his other Direct Reports, introduced Mr. Paul Ngugi and Mrs. Irene Onyambu to the Central Rift and South Rift region staff respectively.

“I am happy to present to you Mr. Paul Ngugi who is taking over from Mr. John Lagat as my representative in the Central Rift Region. The Board has full confidence that he will do a great job; I urge you all to offer him total cooperation,” noted the MD & CEO as he addressed Central Rift Region Staff in Nakuru. Mr. Ngugi thanked the Board for giving him a new opportunity to serve.

While making his brief remarks, Mr. Ngugi assured of his commitment to the new docket. “I will be the bridge between Central Rift Region stakeholders and the MD, and I will seek to create an enabling environment that will make it possible for staff in Central Rift to deliver their on responsibilities so that together we can give Kenyans affordable power,” he said.

Speaking in Naivasha as he introduced the incoming Regional Manager Mrs. Irene Onyambu, the MD & CEO observed that South Rift Region had over the years maintained a great culture of high discipline. “I have confidence that Mrs. Onyambu will carry on the legacy left by Ms. Martha Mburu, the outgoing Area Manager,” observed the MD & CEO. Ms. Mburu has served as the South Rift Area Manager for close to 7 years and she has built a great, cohesive and productive culture.

In her remarks, Mrs. Onyambu noted that she was glad to join the South Rift Region team. “As a HR professional I know that we need to always be ready to serve in whatever duty station the Board or Management deems fit; it is in this spirit that I gladly take up my new role in South Rift,” she noted.

The outgoing Area Managers, Mr. John Lagat (Central rift) and Ms. Martha Mburu (South Rift) promised to support the incoming Regional Managers as they settle down to their new dockets.

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