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New General Managers Visit Menengai

The new General Managers and the Company Secretary recently made their maiden visit to Menengai, and were wowed by the great work being done by our Team.

From the massive installations, the rigs, the geothermal wells, to the Camp and the sheer amount of investments at Menengai, the GM’s marveled at the great strides GDC has made in a relatively short span of its existence.

Bellow Are Snippets Of Their Experiences.

“The biggest thing for me is that there is a very big untold story of how much work has been done in Menengai! What I saw is that our staff are able to do great things such as rig move and drilling, which ordinarily would be done by outsourced service providers.

The dedication I saw in our staff is phenomenal; indeed some are putting in extra hours in order to ensure that every shift is well executed. Additionally, the sheer resources that have been deployed in Menengai are a pointer to the kind of confidence the government has in GDC. There is therefore great room for GDC to succeed” – Mr. Stephen Busieney, General Manager, Finance.

“For me, the amount of infrastructure in Menengai is a clear pointer of where the resources given to GDC have been deployed. Going up the rig floor and seeing our young able staff undertaking the drilling process made me appreciate that we have excellent internal capacity to undertake our mandate.

We also witnessed a rig move in progress and it was clear that the era of outsourced services is almost over-our staff demonstrated that given the equipment and continuous capacity building, they can do the job. Really impressed!” – Ms. Beatrice Kosgei, Company Secretary

“I wish we had gone to Menengai much earlier! What stood out for me is the dedication of our talented and energetic young women and men. It was amazing to see and hear how they continue to surmount the adversities of the harsh environment where geothermal resources occur, as is the case in Menengai, in an effort to give this country the much needed energy that will propel Kenya towards the achievement of Vision 2030.

As GMs, we are now much clearer on how best to support our staff; this means that our decisions will definitely be responsive to the reality on the ground. We also noted that GDC has been entrusted with enormous resources and our joy was to see that our staff are equal to the task we have been given by the government of taking up upfront risks associated with geothermal development.” – Mr. Simon Kiplang’at, General Manager, HR & Administration.

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