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#GDCTeam Beatrice Nyairo

Science Field – Meteorology/Environment

What is Meteorology?

Meteorology is the study of the physics and chemistry of Earth’s atmosphere, including its interactions with Earth’s surface. In geothermal development, it involves monitoring of meteorological parameters and air quality.

What is the role of a meteorologist in a geothermal field?

My role involves an analysis of meteorological and air quality data collected from the field. This data helps to identify and mitigate adverse environmental and health impacts emanating from project activities in a timely manner. The meteorological data we collect is also important in the siting of powerplants and cooling towers. It determines the most suitable location where it can be constructed. For instance, in cases where we have dry cooling towers, wind lowers their efficiency because of the formation of unfavorable pressure distribution at the tower entrance and breaking of the hot plume rising from the cooling tower. Additionally, the data enables GDC to adhere to the approved guidelines and regulations for air quality during geothermal resource development.

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