GDC Team Women in Geothermal

#WomenInGeothermal Eng. Nancy Kirui

Designation:  Electrical Engineer-Equipment Maintenance

How did you get into engineering/science? My love for sciences and mathematics led me towards an engineering path

The most memorable moment in your engineering/science journey at GDC?  I was part of the team that successfully planned and mobilized the first rig move from the Menengai Project to the Baringo – Silali project. It was the first rig move outside Menengai.

What is the future of geothermal energy in the world?  The world is shifting its focus to renewables to combat climate change. Geothermal energy is one of the options, but with a high initial cost.

Fortunately, with new technologies such as Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS), drilling of geothermal wells with increasing efficiency, therefore, tapping more energy in each plant, the initial costs will be cheaper and more attractive to investors.

The world is embracing Direct Use as an alternative use of geothermal energy. This benefits nations, communities, agribusinesses and other industries.

Geothermal power brings more stability to the grid since it’s not affected by changes in weather patterns, unlike wind and solar.

What message would you send to young women thinking of taking up engineering/science courses and careers?  Aim high. You have the ability. Nothing is impossible

What is your mantra in life as a woman in science?  Be Progressive. No matter how small the steps you make, just forge ahead. You will succeed

Which woman in Science do you admire most?  Eng. Lucy Wanjiku Mutinda

Why do you admire her?  Her efforts in solving waste management problems using eco- friendly solutions are commendable.

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2 thoughts on “#WomenInGeothermal Eng. Nancy Kirui
  1. That’s a good move for ladies in the ENERGY SPACE.But this gives a challenge to gents in capacity building.
    I’m currently pursuing Petroleum Engineering (exploration and production),an undergraduate.
    To me, geothermal energy is the best solution.

  2. I am proud of this young lady – a classmate of mine in high school. Nancy’s success and other women in the sector is so inspiring to the young generation in Kenya.

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