Sale of Geothermal Steam at the Olkaria Project

At the request of the government of Kenya, GDC in 2009/10 financial year drilled 36 geothermal wells at Olkaria. GDC also inherited 23 wells drilled by the government prior to GDC incorporation, bringing the total wells owned by GDC in Olkaria to 59. The Olkaria Geothermal Project is owned and managed by KenGen.

GDC’s 59 geothermal wells in Olkaria have a total yield of 412MW. GDC is selling 320MW of steam to KenGen for electricity generation, earning an annual revenue of Kshs. 3 billion. By providing steam for electricity generation, GDC has helped displace diesel power plants which generate expensive and environmentally unfriendly power.

The addition of 320MW of geothermal power into Kenya’s national grid has driven down the cost of power by 22% and 35% for domestic and industrial consumers respectively, thus helping the government to meet its target of providing affordable and reliable green energy.