How GDC works

GDC's final product is geothermal steam, a raw material used to generate electricity (other raw materials used for electricity generation include water (Hydroelectricity), diesel (Thermal Power), Wind (Wind Power), and coal (Thermal Power), nuclear (Nuclear Power). GDC deals sorely in geothermal power generation.

After harnessing steam from geothermal wells, GDC sells the steam to private companies known as Independent Power Producers (IPPs) and/or KenGen, who then convert it into electricity.

In the unlikely event that either IPPs or KenGen do not take up the steam, GDC can also generate electricity. Currently, however, there is sustained demand for steam given that GDC has succeeded in de-risking geothermal projects in Kenya making investment in geothermal energy very attractive and very viable.

In order to facilitate the private sector to participate in the geothermal sector in Kenya, GDC has developed several geothermal development models.