Geothermal Centre of Excellence


(a) Broad Areas
Trainings broadly cover the areas below
1 Geosciences (Geology, Geochemistry, Geophysics, GIS and Remote sensing)
2 Reservoir Management
3 Drilling Technology
4 Direct Use Technology & Applications
5 Environmental Management
6 Strategic & Financial Planning
7 Occupational Health & Safety Management
8 Project Management

(b) Trainings programmes
Our programmmes target engineers, scientists and technicians. Duration of these programmes range between 14 days to 90 days.

1 Certificate in Environmental Impact Studies in Renewable Energy Development
2 Certificate in Drilling and Well Production Occupational Safety & Health I
3 Certificate in Drilling and Well Production Occupational Safety & Health II
4 Certificate in Drilling and Well Production Occupational Safety & Health III
5 Certificate in Strategic and Financial Planning
6 Certificate in Project Management
7 Certificate in Geothermal Drilling Technology – Driller
8 Certificate in Geothermal Drilling Technology – Derrick man
9 Certificate in Geothermal Drilling Technology – Rigfloorman and Compressor man
10 Introduction to Geoscience and Technology Certificate
11 Introduction to Geothermal Science Certificate
12 Certificate in Borehole Geology
13 Certificate in Discharge Fluid Chemistry
14 Certificate in Equipment maintenance and calibration
15 Certificate in Exploration Geology
16 Certificate in Exploration Geochemistry/Chemistry
17 Certificate in Exploration Geophysics
18 Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing
19 Certificate in Reservoir Engineering
20 Certificate in Reservoir Technician

(c) Minimum entry requirements to programmes

1 Certificate programmes for engineers A bachelor’s degree in mechanical/ electrical/ mechatronics or any other relevant qualification
2 Certificate programmes for scientists A bachelor’s degree in geology /geoscience OR working experience as a borehole geologist/ exploration geologist/ reservoir geochemist/ exploration geochemist/ exploration geophysicist
3 Certificate programmes for technicians • Diploma in engineering OR craftsman with three years’ experience OR an artisan with five years’ experience
• Diploma in analytical chemistry OR Working experience as a laboratory analyst
• Diploma in electronics engineering OR Working experience as an electronic technician
4 Certificate programmes for drillers/rigfloor men/derrickmen and roustabouts • High school graduate – for roustabout
• For rig floorman – must qualify as a roustabout with more than one year of experience
• For derrick man – must qualify as a rigfloor man with more than one year of experience
5 Certificate course in Project Management Evidence of more than one year working experience in geothermal industry with Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Finance, and Sciences Or any other equivalent qualification
6 Certificate course in Strategic Planning A Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting, Business, Finance and other business related degrees, managers, team leaders, supervisors. OR any other relevant qualification


Scope of consultancies
1 Laboratory Services
2 Surface Exploration Studies
3 Well Siting Services
4 Drilling Services
5 Reservoir Services / Management
6 Direct use utilization
7 Environmental Impact Assessments & Audit; Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) for Renewable energy projects
8 Capacity Building

To be a world leader in the development of geothermal resources.

Develop green energy for Kenya from geothermal resources.

Integrity - GDC subscribes to high ethical standards, openness and honesty.

Professionalism - GDC embraces excellence, quality service, and continual improvement.