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GDC changing fortunes of communities living in the North Rift region

Quenching thirst…Livestock drink water at one of the watering points which GDC has constructed

GDC is giving a new breath of life to thousands of North Rift region communities through provision of clean water and development of infrastructure. GDC has constructed over 100km of roads in Korosi, Paka and Silali. This has eased transport in the area and it has also opened the area which is now easily accessible.

In addition, the company has installed key water filtration points in several locations in the region, a move which will enable close to 10,000 residents and livestock access clean water.

Speaking during a media tour of the project, GDC’s North Rift Area Manager Mr. John Lagat said that GDC will pump water from Lake Baringo, which goes through a carbon filter purification system that uses reverse osmosis method, cleaning the water. The water is then supplied to the communities.

“We thank our donors especially KfW because through this system, close to 10,000 households and their livestock will now access clean water,” said Mr Lagat who was also accompanied by a section of GDC staff.

Drinking Water for the community … GDC’s North Rift Regional Manager Mr. John Lagat (right) confers with Mr. Sammy Olesuno, the Head Teacher, Meisori Primary School in Tiaty East Constituency at the water filtration point located at the school

This project has changed fortunes for hundreds of residents of Chepungus village, in Paka Location, Tiaty East, and other nearby villages like Rion’go, where children from nearby primary schools, residents and livestock are able to access clean drinking water for domestic use.

“We thank GDC for the project. The pupils can now get clean drinking water nearby. Most of them are now in school and rampant cases of absenteeism is a thing of the past,” says Mr. Sammy Olesuno, the Head Teacher of Meisori Primary School.

Before water filtration centers were installed, most pupils used to travel long distances to Lake Baringo in search of water, where cases of crocodile and hippo attacks were rampant.

GDC is currently carrying out exploratory drilling the North Rift region under the Baringo-Silali Geothermal Project. GDC has done infrastructural work through Kapkerwa, Chesiran, Korosi, Kading’ding, Paka, Naudo and Silali prospects. Last year, a delegation from Germany’s KfW Bank and a local consultant registered their satisfaction with the progress and timelines of the project.

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