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The Olkaria Geothermal Project

“GDC has tripled the steam available for geothermal electricity generation at Olkaria”

“A low-hanging fruit ready for takeoff”


• At the request of the government of Kenya GDC drilled 36 geothermal wells at Olkaria in 2009 and 2010. Alongside 23 wells it inherited from the government GDC has availed a total of 409MW at Olkaria for electricity generation • GDC undertook drilling at the Olkaria field in order to fast track the rate of steam development which was required for the planned 280MW geothermal power plants. The Olkaria Geothermal Project is owned and managed by KenGen.

Project Status

Current Status

• GDC is selling 320MW of steam to KenGen for the two new power plants and several well head generation units. • From the sale of steam to KenGen, GDC is earing revenue totaling Kshs. 3 billion annually • Electricity generation using the additional steam provided by GDC has resulted in cost reduction of between 22-36%. • GDC is no longer drilling in Olkaria. This is a strategic decision to open up new geothermal fields, thus de-risking them and making attractive to private investors. These include Menengai, Baringo-Silali and Suswa. • GDC manages the 59 wells steam field at Olkaria through a contractual arrangement with KenGen.

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