New dawn as GDC rolls out revamped employee policy


GDC has launched a revamped Human Resource Policies and Procedures Manual (HRPP) and the Integrity Assurance Programme. Effectively, the two programmes set the company on a more professional trajectory. The Managing Director & CEO Eng. Johnson P. Ole Nchoe officiated over the brief and colourful events in Nakuru, Naivasha and in Nairobi in the first two weeks of September.

“Today we are beginning a new chapter in GDC. The document we are unveiling here will act as our bible and propel staff to new beginnings,” Eng. Ole Nchoe told an enthusiastic Nakuru staff.

He further warned staff against engaging in unethical practices like corruption, late reporting to work, sexual harassment, misuse of company property and conflict of interest. “We must work as professionals as we progressively move towards giving Kenya the green energy it requires. Stern measures will be taken against staff who engage in unethical practices,” he warned. The MD also unveiled a new anti-corruption reporting system which has been created through a special email:

In the GDC corruption prevention programme, the company has appointed integrity officers in each area – Nakuru, Naivasha and Nairobi. “We must all strive to fight the vice that is corruption. That is the only way we can be able to support this country towards economic development,” the CEO told his staff.

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