Overall Purpose

The Manager-Corporate Communication and Marketing will be responsible to the Company Secretary. He/she will be required to lead, direct and oversee the Corporate Communication and Marketing function, be responsible for promotion of the company’s corporate identity and enhancement of its brand image through communication and exposition of information by publicizing the company objectives, policies and activities and fostering good customer relations, research, surveys and promotions.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Overseeing communication within the company and representing GDC to the public.
  2. Respond to all queries in respect to GDC from general Public, media, special interest groups and other components of the of the firms stakeholder ecosystems
  3. Developing and implementing an integrated, company-wide communication strategy in support of GDC’s business objectives while taking into account internal and external changes in the market
  4. Advising management on the reputational implications of corporate decisions for buy-in and support.
  5. Develop operational plans and budget for effective implementation of PR programs.
  6. Equipping management and other designated spokespersons to handle the media and other public appearances for coordinated and coherent messaging.
  7. Monitoring public perception about GDC and advising the Management accordingly.
  8. Providing liaison between the company and corporate stakeholders, including the media.
  9. Managing the production of the Company’s publications including annual reports and branded materials.
  10. Overseeing the development of all documents and bulletins intended for public consumption to ensure its alignment with the GDC’s strategy and strategic communications plan
  11. Overseeing digital communication, including GDC’s website, social media presence, e-bulletins and other corporate publications
  12. Preparing talking points, speeches, press releases, presentations and other communication material
  13. Coordinating the organization of corporate events
  14. Enhancing organizational culture through efficient internal communication
  15. Monitoring implementation of communication and programs
  16. Gather market Intelligence and formulate appropriate marketing goals, strategies pricing ,promotional activities and branding
  17. Monitor the impact of the applied marketing strategies and make necessary amendments.
  18. Prepare marketing plans and monitor implementation
  19. Identify and monitor market performance drivers to inform business growth and expansion strategies

Academic Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in Public Relations or Corporate Communication or its equivalent from a recognized university
  • Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations, Communication, Journalism, Marketing or any other relevant degree from a recognized university

Professional Qualifications

Candidate must be a certified and registered member of good standing of the Public Relations Society of Kenya (PRSK) or a similar relevant PR/Corporate Communication & marketing membership organization

Job related experience

Eligible candidates must have at least ten (10) years’ work experience in Corporate Communication and Marketing of which five (5) years must be in senior management.

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