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State Bets Big on Clean Energy PDF Print E-mail

The Standard on December 5, 2009

Plagued by incessant power shortages due to unreliable rainfall that feeds the country’s hydropower plants, the Government is turning to alternative sources of power production. Read More

Big Money needed to Meet Demand for Cheap Energy PDF Print E-mail

The Standard on 5 Dec, 2009

Even as the country shifts focus from the unreliable hydroelectricity to geothermal sources, experts say the Government should be ready to invest more. Read More

Kenya Set to Boost its Geothermal to 4000 MW by 2030 PDF Print E-mail

Energy Boom, 1 Dec 2009

Kenya's burgeoning geothermal capabilities are set to be boosted even further, with predictions of power generation of 4000 MW by 2030.
Read More

Chinese Lead African Geothermal Exploration PDF Print E-mail

Green Chips Stocks November 25th, 2009

China built its Great Wall to keep foreigners out...
But Chinese company Great Wall Drilling is now making itself a foreign force in Africa, where a dire need to develop domestic energy resources means companies from the Middle Kingdom are moving in steadily.
Kenya's state-run Geothermal Development Company (GDC) recently committed $240 million per year to the expansion of the national geothermal power resource. Read More

Last Gasp for Clean Energy PDF Print E-mail

The Standard, November 24, 2009

He simply started at KenGen as a manager in-charge of geothermal development. But little did he realise his passion for research may possibly yield answers to Kenya’s perennial power problems. Read More


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