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February 15, 2010

The Resource Development Department teams are gearing up to start detailed surface exploration work at Silali. Silali is one of the largest potential in the northern Kenya Rift. It has an estimated potential of 800MWe.

The surface features in Silali are manifested to the western slopes of the volcano in form of hot springs at Kapedo while the eastern part is characterized by numerous fumaroles and widespread hot and altered grounds with surface temperatures ranging from 65-90 o C. The series of springs to the western side discharge at temperatures of 45-55ºC with a combined estimated flow-rate of about 1,000 l/s, says John Lagat, the Chief Geologist.

The reconnaissance survey in Silali was carried out late last year and the inception report which includes the work program and logistics was prepared. Since the area is not motorable, the planned survey will be carried out using a helicopter so as to access the caldera floor and other difficult areas. Already helicopter services have been procured. “We are optimistic that the exercise will be a success. Our teams are well prepared and are rearing to go,” says James Wambugu (pictured), the Manager, Resource Development.

The Geo-scientific work to be carried out in Silali prospect will involve broadly the following:
• Geological mapping of the rock formations, structural mapping, hydrogeological and  volcanological studies of the volcano,
• Geophysical measurements that shall include resistivity (MT and TEM)
• Geochemical sampling for fumarole steam, water points and soil gas survey,
• Heat loss measurements,
• GIS data acquisition
• Environmental baseline data collection



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