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November 1, 2009

GDC Managing Director, Dr. Silas Simiyu, has reaffirmed the Company’s commitment towards continuous investment in training geothermal experts. Speaking in Naivasha when he hosted United Nations University (UNU) trainees for a dinner, Dr. Simiyu considered continuous training as indispensable to the success of the geothermal sector.

Dr. Simiyu was accompanied by Prof. Hiroyuki Hino, the Economic Advisor to the Rt. Hon. Prime Minister Raila Odinga, who expressed confidence that geothermal energy is the answer to the energy needs of a 21st century. He applauded GDC’s efforts in providing leadership in the geothermal sector. He further stated that geothermal energy is at the core of economic strategy at the PM’s office.
“Geothermal is a winner for Kenya’s energy needs because hydroelectricity is no longer reliable due to unpredictable weather patterns. Geothermal is also an answer to global warming,” he said. The two later addressed a joint press conference at the hotel.
The annual three-week training is a precursor to a six-month advance diploma in geothermal related matters, according to Cornel Ofwona, one of the organizers and trainers. He said Kenya is preferred because it has the most developed geothermal industry in Africa. Kenya too, has the best facilities, a vast geothermal field and some of the best scholars and experts in matters geothermal. He argues that the training is important for creating awareness in the region about geothermal energy, training experts who will develop the geothermal sector further. GDC also sponsored the dinner party, field trip to Bogoria, transport and catered for the trainees.



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