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GDC supports the achievement of education for children in the areas where we operate. We will equip and rehabilitate educational institutions to establish model schools. These efforts will contribute towards the Millennium Development Goal of increasing access to education at the primary level by 2015. In order to enhance our internal human resource capacity GDC may, based on merit, sponsor deserving but needy students interested in pursuing mechanical and/or electrical engineering degree courses.

Economic Empowerment

The Millennium Development Goal on the eradication of extreme poverty and hunger by 2015 creates the imperative for all sectors- the corporate, civil society and government to collaborate on income generation, food security, job creation and poverty alleviation initiatives. GDC will actively engage young and innovative youth from our areas of operation to improve the economic status of the communities


GDC will ensure environmental stability, increase forest cover and protect water catchments areas.

Preservation Of Art Culture And Sports

GDC will work with communities to preserve and promote their art and culture for posterity. GDC will also encourage sporting activities to foster peace between communities and competitiveness among schools. Leave your Feedback!

Provision of Water and Health

clean water not only sustains life but prevents water-borne diseases. GDC will support projects that conserve water sources and explore new methods of harvesting rain and underground water. GDC will support the rehabilitation of water pans and sink boreholes for the communities. With regard to health, GDC will facilitate access to affordable health care among the communities we work in.



1. Name of Organization
2. Project Title
3. Project Location
4. Contact Person
5. Contact Information: Physical Address, Postal Address, Phone Number and Email Address
6. Project Timeline
7. Amount Requested


Provide a brief overview and summary of the project. It should provide a credible statement that describes your organization and establish the significance of the project


State the challenges identified, the rationale/need to address these challenges and the conditions to be changed by the project


The objectives should describe the intended outcome of the project and should be SMART. Indicate how the objectives will contribute to the achievement of the project, what difference the project will make and the time frame during which this will happen.


TDescribe the project activities indicating how the objectives will be accomplished, what will be done, who will do it, who are the implementers, partners and beneficiaries and when it will be done. Describe how the project will be sustainable after the funding period.


Indicate the total cost of the project and also provide a detailed budget for these costs.

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