ODDEG trainees graduate

GDC Managing Director and CEO Eng. Johnson P. Ole Nchoe presents a certificate to Mr. Abdek M. Abdi from the Djibouti Office for Geothermal Development (ODDEG) upon his successful completion of a course in Environment and Social Management of Geothermal Projects on 29th August, 2018.


The first batch of students from the Djibouti Office for Geothermal Development (ODDEG) who have been undertaking training under GDC’s Centre of Excellence (GCE) have successfully completed their courses.

The three-week training was carried out at the GDC Menengai Geothermal Project site and at the Central Rift offices. GDC instructors trained the 12 students in different courses which included discharge fluid chemistry, reservoir engineering, drilling simulator, cementing and fluid engineering, rig maintenance, procurements, environment and social management of geothermal.

GDC experts have previously trained participants from various countries with geothermal potential which include Djibouti, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda.

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