#GDCTeam Pamela Ouma

What’s your designation?

Deputy Manager, Supply Chain – Stores and Logistics

Where is your office located?

My office is located at 4th Floor Polo Center, Nakuru.

How long have you worked at GDC?

I have worked in GDC for 8 years.

What do you do at GDC?

I manage the stores section in supply chain which includes stock or inventory control of all materials purchased by the company.

I am tasked with the responsibility of ensuring receiving, inspecting, storing, issuing of all goods procured and disposal of all unserviceable obsolete or surplus goods or assets are carried out in line with the public procurement and asset disposal act, 2015.

I’m tasked with the responsibility of confirming and authorize processing of invoices for payments.

I have been given additional responsibilities of being the chair of the HIV/ADA committee and a member of the central rift region disciplinary committee.

What does your typical work day in GDC look like?

My typical day starts by reviewing the mails and newspapers on current affairs. I will then liase with my teams in the various regions to confirm that the activities are ongoing and resolve any of the challenges encountered and provide guidance.

I may visit the stores to supervise and confirm that the materials are stored correctly and all the operations procedure are being adhered to. My work supports the user departments and I’m on call every day of the week to ensure that operations do not stop in the core activities of the company.

How does your role tie to the GDC vision of providing green energy for Kenya?

My role ensures that drilling which is our core mandate takes place by ensuring timely provision of drilling consumables eg. diesel, cement, spares etc. By storing all the required materials, we ensure that drilling does not stop and meets its target and hence providing green energy for Kenya.

What do you like most about your job?

I’m able to meet my customer’s targets and needs albeit with challenges.

One word to summarize your experience at GDC?


What is the future of geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is the future and we should ensure that all countries in Africa embrace it.

2 thoughts on “#GDCTeam Pamela Ouma”

  1. I love that women in geothermal like it’s a success for 8 years in supply chain ,bravo and let’s her keep working hard

  2. Kindly attach me to your company..Am an geologists by professional and am ready to learn more in your company

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